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Here's some information and a few pictures from SLS 1960 - 1968!
. . . as well as some pics from past Reunions (20th to 45th!)

Graduation SLS 1968

Class and Teacher from 1B     Class and Teacher from 1A
1B - Sister Mary Mercy
Class Picture 1B
1A - Sister Phyllis Marie
Class Picture 1A
2A - Sr. Joseph Marie
Class Picture 2A
2B - Miss Carol Wood
Class Picture 2B
3B - Miss Jane Blum
Class Picture 3B
3A - Sister M. Ellen Francis
Class Picture 3A
4A - Sister Mary Luke
Class Picture 4A
4B - Miss Mary Alice Trocki
Class Picture 4B
5B - Miss Julia O'Mahoney
Class Picture 5B
5A - Sister Mary Dominica
Class Picture 5A
6A - Sister Mary Madelaine
Class Picture 6A
6B - Miss Constance Fuhrman
Class Picture 6B
7B - Mr. Gary Haibach
Class Picture 7B
7A - Sister M. John Regis
Class Picture 7B
8A - Sister John Mary
Class Picture 8A
8B - Mr. Philip Temple
Class Picture 8B

Boy's First Communion Picture

Girl's First Communion Picture

View the St. Luke's Class of 1968 Memory Book: Memory Book

View the 1967 Science Fair Booklet: Science Fair Book

20th Reunion Picture (July 3rd, 1988)

SLS Class of 68 20th Reunion     

25th Reunion Picture (July 3rd, 1993)

SLS Class of 68 25th Reunion     

30th Reunion Picture (August 14th, 1998)

SLS Class of 68 30th Reunion     

35th Reunion Picture (July 5th, 2003)

SLS Class of 68 35th Reunion     

40th Reunion Picture (July 5th, 2008)

SLS Class of 68 40th Reunion     

Click here to view/download the 40th Reunion picture with names added: 40th Reunion Pic w/Names

45th Reunion Picture (July 6th, 2013)

SLS Class of 68 45th Reunion     

Click here to view/download the 45th Reunion picture with names added: 45th Reunion Pic w/Names

Click here to view/download the second 45th Reunion picture: 45th Reunion Pic - Recess!

50th Reunion Picture (July 7th, 2018)

SLS Class of 68 50th Reunion     

Click here to view/download the 50th Reunion picture: 50th Reunion Pic - at the Plymouth

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If you have any digitized pictures or memorobilia from these years you'd like to share - please contact a Reunion Committee member

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